Nordic Travel Pass


The Nordic Travel Pass’s intention is to create partnerships with travel companies in the private sector to make touring more cost effective. At the same time it should encourage promoters to book up and coming Nordic artists. This is based on needs analyses conducted amongst Nordic industry professionals that pointed at travel cost being one of the main obstacles when considering acts from other Nordic countries. The focus has thus far been on minimising those costs by collaborating with travel companies and NOMEX is working on opening a discount programme that will benefit the whole Nordic music sector.

A Nordic Travel Pass initiative called Crossing The Borders will follow, focusing on the establishment of a variety of private-public relationships that help support a discount scheme for artists. This will benefit small and medium enterprises not only within the music industry but also those in connected fields, e.g. backline rental suppliers, hotels, restaurants, designers and printers. The objective is to promote these services to touring artists and provide them with discounts that also benefit venue and festival promoters. With one point of contact, people within the sector will know where to look for information and deals.

Crossing the Borders is part-funded by KreaNord, which will enable Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Nordic region to be connected to and work with a Nordic brand when approaching International markets. This will further enable the mapping of new partnerships and help connect across borders and sectors, gathering and analysing facts and using developed tools. By monitoring the Nordic Travel Pass service, NOMEX will be able to provide figures that show how valuable these benefits are on an annual basis for SMEs within the music industry, and then evaluate at the end of the project what benefits it brings to the sectors involved.